Apprenticeships es_MX

We believe in fostering young talent, so we offer a range of apprenticeships where you can learn a trade while working and earning on the job. If you’ve recently left school, or you’re about to leave school, it’s a great opportunity to get stuck into the workplace in a friendly, nurturing and challenging environment.

Depending on your interests and strengths, you can choose from our eight apprenticeships, below. Click on each one to find out more.




Production mechanic

Automation specialist

Physics lab technician

Design engineer

Graphic designer

Commercial specialist


The highs and perks for our apprentices es_MX

While we’ll expect big things of you throughout your apprenticeship, we promise you’ll get an enormous amount out of it. Every day you’ll be tasked with using your initiative to solve challenging problems, which means learning new skills and discovering what you’re really capable of. Along the way, you’ll enjoy a close-knit community feel as you form a strong bond with your fellow apprentices - exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, working on projects together and supporting each other on your journey.

Here are just some of the highlights of our apprenticeships.

Discover The Hilti Way

You’ll start your apprenticeship with a one-day workshop called The Hilti Way, which talks about Hilti’s values and aims. Why are values important? What makes a good team? How can you reach your goals faster?


Plan a dinner

In your first year, you’ll be part of a team that plans a big dinner for your fellow apprentices and trainers. How many noodles will you need for 30 people? Where will you eat? How will you get there? Lots of questions for you and your team. 

Rebuild an Alpine farm

In your second year, you’ll take part in a renovation project in the beautiful Swiss Alps. There you’ll be given a great deal of responsibility in both planning and doing the work, and have enormous fun along the way.

Look at the future

During your time with us, we’ll show you the various career paths open to you when you’ve completed your apprenticeship. Will you choose an advanced vocational school or university? Or another apprenticeship or a full-time job?

Try before you choose a trade es_MX

We want you to be sure that you’re really cut out for the profession you’re choosing – and that it’s cut out for you. So, if your initial application is successful, we’ll invite you to do a trial apprenticeship of one to four days.

It’s a great way to help you decide if you’re making the right choice. And for us to see if you have what it takes to do the job. During the trial, we’ll look at your practical skills, as well as how you work in a team, how you handle problems and how reliable you are.